• A win for cats

    Popoki Place will be a forever home for stray cats that are in and/or pose the greatest danger but are not readily adoptable. All cats will be spay/neutered and receive medical care to support a long, healthy life in a secure enclosure. Cats can be adopted out, as we know that many just need time and space to bloom!

  • A win for native wildlife

    We believe we can protect cats and birds and monk seals. Cats are just one of many threats facing ground-nesting seabirds through predation, and monk seals through toxoplasmosis. Our sanctuary would provide a humane alternative to culling as a way to remove cats from protected shoreline habitat. 

  • A win for the community

    Whether we love cats or hate cats, we all  want to reduce the number of feral cats roaming the streets. Popoki Place will provide a new and much needed refuge! As we grow, and increase awareness about the root causes of this crisis, the community will see a significant decrease in nuisance cats.